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Kemayah Fails To Make
Passport Scandal Report

Former Minister Dee-Maxwell Kemayah yesterday failed to show up to make the long anticipated reports in regard to the Liberian diplomatic passport involving Sheikh Bassirou Kante and others.
Monday, 6 June was the reporting date in the aftermath of the two weeks requested by the Minister on behalf of his committee, as both the local and international communities waited to hear from the Government.
Addressing the media yesterday on the subject matter, Deputy Minister of Information for Public Affairs Jarlawah Tonpo who announced that Kemayah was expected at the conference to speak to the media in person, if not, via mobile phone wherever he was, had journalists anxiously waiting.
Unfortunately, Kemayah neither showed up in person nor was any contact made for any teleconference with the public care of the media, but later the media was informed that the minister was on national assignment and furthermore he could not be reached to speak to the media rather could be next week.
On Thursday, 19 May, Kemayah during the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) press briefing pleaded with the public in general, but the presidency in particular, for additional time to enable his committee to reach out to everyone linked to the deal.
Whether the report will be made or not is anybody’s guess but that is not strange in Liberian contemporary politics or governance structure because there have been past experiences on such national events.

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