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Judge Elliott Delivers Charge At Civil Law Court Opening

By Grace Q. Bryant
The newly appointed presiding judge of Civil Court, Golda A. Bonah Elliott says judges are guardians of the Constitution and protectors of individual rights.
She said they must be committed to the highest degree of impartiality and pledge to fulfill duties in a manner that leaves no doubt that the decisions are consistent with the law.
The opening of the Civil Law Court was graced by the Chief Justice, Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh, judges, lawyers, the County Attorney of Montserrado County; the president, officers, and members of the Montserrado County Bar Association; the president, officers and Members of the Liberian National Bar Association; the office of Jury Management and potential jurors, and students of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law.
Speaking at the opening of the Civil Law Court A & B, Judge Elliott said that judges must all work together in ensuring that the perception of a corrupt Judiciary is simply a mere fallacy.
Judge Elliot furthered that to fully discharge the constitutional and judicial obligations, the judges require the cooperation of judicial actors, court staff, and representatives of party litigants in cases pending before that court.
“We are aware of our judicial obligations in ensuring that justice is dispensed in an expeditious and fair manner, to ensure that peoples’ rights are timely adjudicated, as required by our Constitution,” Judge Elliot noted.
She therefore called on judges to be prepared to adjudicate those cases which are assigned, and it requires their presence in court on time, and being fully abreast of the facts of each matter and the controlling to make timely decisions.
“We therefore commit ourselves to fulfilling this obligation, consistent with the responsibility imposed on us. This requires us putting in the time and effort, and, as we do so, we require lawyers and their clients to fully comply with the orders and directives of the court,” she expressed.
According to her, lawyers are expected to appear in court on time and no illegitimate excuse will be accepted, stating, “Failure to appear as per the notice of assignment and/or to comply with a mandate of the court shall result in the imposition of a fine.”
Judge Elliot also cautioned judges that, in ensuring the speedy disposition of cases, a first assignment made in a case shall be for a pre-trial conference/disposition of law issues.
Judge Elliot maintained that during the hearing, all motions shall be disposed of, and the court shall proceed to decide on the issues of law applicable in the case. Parties shall be required to file an appropriate legal memorandum for the hearing.
“We shall work along with the Liberia Land Authority to ensure that surveys are conducted, and a report made within the time set by this court,” she assured.
“Together, and with cooperation, we can achieve so much during this term of court. May God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change; the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference,” she added.

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