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Judge Denies Prosecutors’
Request To Release Deceased’s Body

By Grace Q. Bryant
Criminal Court ‘A’ Judge, Roosevelt Willie, has denied request by prosecution to release Valentine Johnson’s corpse to his family for burial.

The Judge’s decision is predicated upon the defendant’s counsels’ inability to produce evidence that will aid the trial in the ongoing proceedings at the Criminal Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

Family members of the late Valentine Johnson through their legal counsels requested the Judge. Willie to release the body of their son for burial in the ongoing case involving EPS Agent Patrick Kollie.

According to prosecutors, the deceased’s family is undergoing expenses for the keeping of the corpse at the funeral home.

But following the application, the defense counsel said that they interposed no objection.
Judge Willie noted that in a consultation with both parties, it was agreed that the body will be kept until following the production of evidence by the defendant if they so desire since it is their rights.

“Therefore the application for the release of the body for now is hereby denied until defendant has presented his evidence if they so desire,” Judge Willie emphasized.

Following prosecution six witness in person of Doctor Joseph N. Siaway, he said on July 4, upon receiving the patient’s report on examination, the patient had no sign of life; there was no pulse, no heartbeat, no respiratory rate and his pupils were dilated and thick, adding, “I pronounced him dead before arrival and issued a certificate.”

Witness Siaway noted that upon examination of the body there was no rise and fall of the chest wall; there was blood on his left frontal parietal area and another wound at his oxittipus area, at the back of his head.

Counsels of Prosecution rested with the production of oral and documentary evidence and requested court to admit into evidence all species of evidence including the entire case file marked so as to form a cogent part in these proceedings.

“The application for continuance as prayed for by the defendant to which prosecution has interposed no objection is noted and granted and therefore, these proceedings are hereby suspended and reassigned for Friday, December 9 at 10: 00 a.m.

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