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Jonathan Paye-Layleh Identifies With Schools In Nimba

As academic activities resume after a long period of COVID-19 disruption, Liberian journalist Jonathan Paye-Layleh Sunday embarked on the distribution of essential educational and COVID-19 materials to the nine largest schools in three administrative districts in Nimba County.
The items include five hundred imported facemasks and an assorted consignment of stationery materials such as reams of sheets, pens, dusters and chalk.
In a letter accompanying each consignment, Mr. Paye_Layleh said this latest action was his way of joining the education authorities of Nimba County to welcome back teachers and students after a long, compulsory break.
Schools benefitting from the quick-impact intervention include Kpein Public School, Bunadin Public School, Duo Public School, Flumpa Public School, and Gipo Public School.
Others are the Flumpa Mission School, where the journalist went to school, Karnwee Public School, Kpallah Public School and the historic Johnny Vokeh High School in Saclepea.
Journalist Paye-Layleh said the purpose of donating the facemasks is to encourage the administrations of those schools to continue to take the existence of the virus seriously and encourage the students to maintain good health and hygiene practices.
He at the same time recommended the introduction of basic health and hygiene practices in the schools so that even after the virus shall have gone away, Liberia can remain a country that takes health practices seriously.
Mr. Paye-Layleh expressed the hope that Liberia will eventually overcome this disease so that educational programs which are so precious to the post-war country are no longer disrupted in this form and manner.

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