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Joel Akorsah Needs US$35,000 For Liver Treatment Abroad

Joel Akorsah, 20, is suffering from Liver cirrhosis with multiple huge umbilico abdominal hemia and scrotal edema disease and is seeking support to get treatment abroad.
Joel, as he is affectionately called, said doctors told him that he will need liver transplant and he needs to rise over $35,000 to be treated in India.
He is appealing to every well-meaning humanitarian coupled with politicians to get to his aid, stating that he does not want to die now.
Speaking to this paper yesterday, Akorsah said, “I am Joel M. Akorsah, a Liberian, and a high school graduate. I have been sick for the past seven years now and have been to several renowned hospitals in Liberia and taking treatment as well but things are not really improving.”
“Just from one condition to another, I was diagnosed with hepatitis b, in 2017 but previously it was diagnosed in the past as ascites, enlarged heart, swollen spleen and developing asthma from the various facilities. Currently, there’s a huge growth on my navel which started in 2018 as a small itching bump. These are some of the reasons people commit suicide because they don’t have strong resistance for that.”
“It was diagnosed in 2019 as umbilical hernia. My mother had to quit her job due to the deterioration of my health,” Joel stated.
“I want to go back to school and be healthy among my colleagues. Now my condition has reached the point where it’s no longer a privacy.”
Medical report he obtained from Peace Clinic states: “Despite the treatment with Spironolactone 50mg PO Twice daily and Lasix 20mg Po twice daily, abdomen is getting more distended with positive fluid thrill sign and huge abdominal hernia”.
Peace Clinic’ medical doctor, Dr. Longin Mutako, has therefore recommended patient Joel Akorsah to consult an internist abroad for further reassessment and proper management.
Meanwhile, tearful Akorsah is appealing to all well-meaning Liberians including President George Weah, Alexander Cummings, former Vice President Joseph Boakai, Dr. Daniel E. Cassel, and all charitable organizations in Liberia to rescue him.
According to him, he can be reached on the following contacts: O777-646-540/0888-080-188/0776-001-809

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