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JNB Tact Team Member Urges Electorates

A ranking member of the JNB Tact Team – 2023, Mr. Steve T.S. Bundor II, has made the call for Liberians to vote out what he describes as the corrupt administration headed by President George M. Weah and his bunch of unqualified inhabitants, and vote as Liberia’s next President, former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai later this year, on 10 October.
In under eight months’ time, Liberians are poised to go to the polls to elect a President, a Vice President and 88 legislators in the country’s impending General and Presidential Elections.
But ahead of the polls, Mr. Bundor, who serves as the JNB Tact Team’s vice chairperson for media relations, has urged the electorates, who he wants to exercise what he calls ‘sound voting decision’ to consider former Vice President Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakia (JNB), as the next President of Liberia.
Speaking recently in the U.S. on the importance of sound electoral decision-making by Liberians as they go to the polls, Mr. Bundor told Liberians that it is important to make sound voting decisions in order to secure the future of their country.
“Voting is not only a civil responsibility, but it is also an expression of our collective will as a nation,” Mr. Bundor emphasized, cautioning Liberians that their individual decisions, as they go to the polls, can have a lasting impact on the policies and direction of Liberia.
“Therefore, it is important to consider the various parameters for making sound voting decisions- including the characteristics of the candidates, their track records, their experiences, their plans for the nation, and most importantly, the trust you have in them to carry out the plans,” he warned.
According to Bundor, during Ambassador Boakia’s tenure in both government and the private sector, the Unity Party Standard Bearer established an excellent track record of delivering results.
“He has distinguished himself through his intellectual capacity and commitment to public service. His vision for the growth and development of Liberia is one that can bring meaningful progress to our nation through economic growth, social inclusion, and good governance,” Bundor said of JNB.
He continued: “We seek a government that is premised on equal justice and opportunity, where every Liberian’s rights and dignity are respected. We seek leaders that can lead with integrity and courage, and who can set the standard for ethical behavior. You have a chance to make a difference in this election, and we urge you to take the time to do your research and make a sound voting decision.”
“We ask you to consider the ‘Rescue Liberia Mission’ headed by Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakia Sr., as he contests for President of Liberia comes October 10, 2023,” Bundor pleaded.
“Fellow Liberians, remember your decision could have lasting impacts on our nation’s future,” he stressed.
He averred that his urge to Liberians to make a sound voting decision by electing Ambassador Boakai, is not a one from an individual who anticipates anything in return, rather, his plea to the electorates was his way of acknowledging the attached authority all Liberians have to transform and transition their own lives.
“Fellow patriotic sons and daughters, we appreciate your direct and tireless commitment to the rescue mission mandate and we thank you for your endless time and consideration throughout this process,” Bundor asserted.
He further stated, “We trust, with your collaboration, cooperation, and consideration, we will combat this corrupt administration headed by President George M. Weah and his bunch of unqualified inhabitants.”

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