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Jewel Unhappy With Tax On GSM Companies …Says Gov’t Can Get Revenue from other Areas

By Bill W. Cooper

Vice President, Jewel Howard-Taylor has frowned on the government of Liberia’s recent decision to impose taxes on GSM Companies in the country, something she said was ill-timed.Acknowledging the fact that taxes are needed for the smooth running of government, VP Taylor stated that there are also several other sectors from which government can generate revenue for the development and the forward march of the country.
Her comment was triggered by the government recent decision through the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) to imposed surcharge on GSM Company thus lead to the increase in data and voice call prices.
Phoning in as guest yesterday on the Super Morning Show on ELBC, VP Taylor who is also the president of the Liberian Senate among many things indicated that before the government takes any decision, it should also take into consideration the ordinary masses, because said decision may likely have a negative or positive impact.
According to her, imposing huge taxes on GSM Companies in the midst of the already fading economy was not a good idea on the part of the government saying, “Because of the government’s decision recently, it is our people who we are representing now feeling the burden.”
She added, “Our people are already financially challenged especially during this time of the pandemic. So it could have been prudent enough for the government to impose taxes on other sectors instead of the GSM Companies. Because of that, our people are not feeling the pinch.”
Speaking on her health, she thanked all those who prayed for her during the time of her illness thanking God for restoring her good health condition including the government of Liberia, stating, “Things are improving, and moreover, I will be very delighted to return home.”
Even though Madam Taylor did not mention the exact time of her return to the country, but stated that she is still scheduled to do two to three more COVID-19 tests before being declared Covid-19 free.
When quizzed about her support to candidates in the pending December 8 Senatorial Election in Bong County, the Liberian VP however declined to name a particular candidate she will support in the election , but stated that whosoever she supports, will undoubtedly become the winner.
In conclusion, Madam Howard-Taylor further urged politicians and all well-meaning Liberians to remain peaceful and avoid electoral violence, noting that it has the propensity to undermine the fragile peace the country now enjoys.

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