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Jeety Still Feeding Prison Inmates

India’s former Consul General to Liberia, Shri Upjit Singh Sachdeva, popularly known as Jeety continues to provide hot meals to vulnerable Liberians with over 1,000 inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison being the latest recipients.
The packages included hot meals and juices as well as water with rubber plates and spoons presented to the authorities of the prison on Sunday, February 14, in Monrovia.
In his presentation, Jeety said the donation was again his gesture of showing love to the inmates on Valentine’s Day; a day believed to be set aside for love and peace.
He said having lived in Liberia for many decades; he thinks it is a wise decision to always give back to the people particularly by identifying with the needy and that the inmates are of no exception.
Jeety stated among many things that humanity is his obsession and will continue to do so while he is alive, clarifying,“ I’m not doing so because of my previous position as Indian Consul General to Liberia.”
“But for the love of humanity for those who are in need including the underprivileged who roam the streets as well as others in the various communities in and out of Monrovia. We need to show love to them,” Jeety reflected.
He indicated that having identified with the detainees and or inmates at the South Beach Prison in Monrovia sometime in January,he then decided to continue this February considering it as a way of positively impacting their lives.
Before the outbreak of the Covid-19 in the country last March, Jeety started buttressing government’s effort in terms of providing assistance in cash and kinds and made several donations to hospitals, the Monrovia City Corporation as well as individuals.

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