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Jeety Gives Wheelchair, Others

The Indian Consulate General, Jeety has made a donation of two-set of jerseys along with two footballs to a less fortunate group recently at the Pennoh Building on Center Street and a wheel chair to a disabled identified as Francis Blamo.
After receiving the jerseys and footballs on behalf of his group, Tom Geebeh who is regarded as captain of the group extolled the businessman for regularly coming to their aid and supporting them in times of need wishing him God’s bountiful blessing.
Jeety rides a disable Francis Blamo after donating a wheelchair to him

At the same time Francis Blamo, the recipient of the wheel chair believes to be in his early twenty also applauded Jeety for his kindheartedness; wishing him more grace to continue his good work.
These recent donations make Center Street one of the highest beneficiaries of the Indian man’s generosity in the fight against the coronavirus since the disease started in the country about three months ago.
The twon set of jerseys and footballs donated by Jeety

Apart from being among the first communities to receive food distribution which continues to date, Jeety has earlier donated five bags of 25kg rice, five carton of tide soap, one carton of chloride and hand sanitizers to the Center Street Police Depot.
Jeety’s benevolence knows no boundaries as he continues to donate to Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) another highest beneficiary of Jeety’s donation, clinics, hospitals, inmates (including the 200 bags of 25kg rice at the Central Prison), individuals and communities both in Monrovia and Paynesville.
He has also made a donation of 25 bags 25kg rice, 50 hand washing buckets to the media power house, the Press Union of Liberia along with thousands of face masks to residents of Monrovia and its environs.
If there will be any hero after the coronavirus, then it has to be Jeety who has inscribed his name on the minds and hearts of thousands of Liberians who have heard or benefited from his goodwill or philanthropic gestures.

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