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Jeety Fronts For More Foreign Nationals To Get Vaccinated

As the coronavirus is said to be ravaging other countries, Liberia continues to serve as a beacon of hope foreign resident in the country as they troop at the designated centers to get vaccinated against the virus while carrying out their businesses in the country.
Such nationals which include Indians, Pakistani, Lebanese, and Syrians among others who are apparently unable to return home due to the pandemic in their home country, are among those who Jeety continues to front for in order for them to take advantage of the opportunity to get vaccinated in the country.
On Sunday, May 16, 2021 at the Gurwara Sahib Temple Sunday in Monrovia, about 525 more of foreign resident were again vaccinated in willingness to abide by the Ministry of Health rollout plan against covid-19.
In a briefed statement during yesterday’s service, the former Indian Consul General, Upjit (Jeety) showered praises on the Health Ministry for the friendly ties that continue to exist between Liberia and India.
He said the opportunity given to foreign nationals to be vaccinated in Liberia against the Covid-19 should be welcomed as the pandemic is the concern of everybody be it Liberians or not.
Jeety who believes the campaign is being carried out based upon their request to the Health Ministry, thanked the team for responding without delay reminding that the second dose of the AstraZeneca Vaccine is expected to be administered in June at the same venue; and that complete their vaccination process against the virus.
“Being that health is important, it is everybody’s business because once you are vaccinated, you are not only saving yourself but dozens of other people including but not limited to your family people,” Jeety noted.
Health Ministry’s Programme Manager, Adolphus Clarke, commended the foreigners including the Indians for showing the true meaning of nationalism by reaching out to the Ministry to permit Indians and foreign nationals in Liberia to be vaccinated.
He said the government is making sure that people who are contributing to the country’s economy are protected from the pandemic; indicated that over 2, 700 Liberians have already been vaccinated and that the Ministry is still receiving reports from all 10 sites where the vaccinations are taking place.
In April, similar exercise was concluded for the first and second time when over 745 foreign nationals and others were vaccinated with the aid of Jeety, the former Indian Consul General.

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