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Jeety Fetes Prisoners, Zogos On Holiday

Several detained at the Monrovia Central Prion and wayward persons known as zogos have again benefited from Jeety’s feeding scheme during the Independence Day Celebration.
Jeety said despite their confinements, they could not be forgotten during such a natal day celebration.
He stated further that he and his staff were there with prisoners to share the Independence Day fever as he promised.
In response to the gesture at the Prison, Joel Justin G. Juah, Deputy Superintendent at the Monrovia Central Prison in Monrovia, thanked Jeety for the continuous support by buttressing government’s effort.
Juah recounted the challenges they are undergoing and the need to address them cannot be overemphasized, adding, “Many people like to wait or want to see the ugly side of things rather than to come and see things for redress.”
Over 4, 200 foodstuff was used to feed the prisoners and zogos with hot meal, cake, juices and water while materials given the Central Prison were 15 plastic buckets with faucet, 1 bucket of chlorine, 100 bottles of hand sanitizers, 5 cartoons of tile soap, 3 pieces of thermometers and 1,500 pieces of face-cover (masks).
Those areas or communities that benefitted were the Monrovia Central Prison, Vai Town, Pelham Building on Center Street. Others were at King Gray in Paynesville, Old Road in Sinkor, Trench Town on Randall Street, Carwash in Mamba Point and the Township of West Point.

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