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Jeety Feeds Over 1,000 Prisoners At Central Prison

On Saturday, May 29, Upjit Singh Sachdeva, affectionately called JEETY, has again fed 1,300 inmates or prisoners at the Monrovia Central Prison in South Beach in Monrovia.
During the feeding exercise, he said the continuous gesture of food distribution to inmates is done or coming from the Jeety Trading Company without any internal or external support from anywhere.
Jeety stated among many things that this is also his own goodwill of giving back to Liberians or country where he has resided for most of his life.
The India Government’s former Consul General to Liberia stated further that for one’s going to prison is to be reformed for the betterment of one’s own life in particular and for the general good of the society at large.
Among food distributed to the prisoners during the exercise on Saturday were juices, cakes, rice, kidney beans and water.
Jeety then thanked the staffers and the workforce of the Jeety Trading Company for their continuous commitment and dedication to the cause of mankind at any given time whenever called upon to duty.
“I could not do this along without your support continuously to whatever is being done for the sake of mankind. Therefore, I’m grateful to you (workers) of Jeety Trading Company for your continuous hard work,” he noted.
In response to the gesture, Captain Fedell Nyentu Thomas thanked Jeety Trading Company for the gesture by buttressing government’s effort in the feeding of prisoners at the Monrovia Central Prison.
Thomas, who deputized for his boss, called on others to do likewise in buttressing the state’s effort in rendering services to inmates at various prisons nationwide and not only to be limited to Monrovia.

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