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Jeety Donates Again

The Indian Consulate General, a businessman and humanitarian, Jeety has again donated a wheelchair to a disabled named as Santos Brown recently at the Slipway field during his regular food distribution exercise.
Brown is the third disabled to have benefited from Jeety’s generosity in conjunction with Francis Blamo of Center Street and Anthony Jackson of West Point.
Upon receiving the wheelchair, the beneficiary commended the philanthropist for the sympathy shown not just to him alone but thousands of others who have benefited from Jeety’s good gesture and also wished him God’s bountiful blessings.
Jeety has been giving numerous food and medical items since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the country since early May this year touching the lives of thousands of individuals including zogoes (less fortunate or wayward street and community dwellers).
The items include food distribution which has reached its 82nd phase, donation of faucet buckets, face masks, cartons of chlorine, several hundred bags of rice and cartons of soap.
Jeety has also extended his benevolence to security officers or check points, inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison and other prisons around Monrovia as he continues the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Liberia.
Jeety has been receiving praises from many residents in Monrovia and its environs for his perpetual support to the needy during the fight against coronavirus that is biting like a poisonous snake and spreading its venoms to every fabric of the society.

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