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Jeety Distributes Food To Several Communities

The Indian Consul General, Jeety, has begun the distribution of food stuffs to several communities in Monrovia ranging from his own community in Vai Town before extending to other communities like the Group of 77 on Newport Street, Buchannan Street, and Mama Point Car Wash Center.
Other communities fed during the process were Trench Town down Randall Street, Center Street and Logan Town with many more to follow over the days or weeks to come.
The food stuffs distributed by the Indian businessman and philanthropist included plates of rice along with water to each individual of the less fortunate communities as his means of identifying with them during this global Coronavirus pandemic.
He also vowed to continue the process till the end of the State of Emergency or the Coronavirus pandemic after feeding at least ten thousand individuals from a process that just began on Friday, the 8th day of May.
Well known for his philanthropic work, Jeety has been involved with several distributions individually and as a group; like when he headed the Indian Community donation of some vehicles and other medical items to the 14 Military Hospital in Margibi County recently.
The beneficiaries lauded the businessman for coming to their aid at such crucial time, referring to his kind gesture as timely and asked for God’s bountiful blessing to guide him to do more. Reports; Ignatius K. Sackor

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