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Jeety Celebrates 6-Yrs Generosity -Observes Thanksgiving Day With Prisoners

By Bill W. Cooper

In a heartwarming tradition that has now lasted for over six years, the philanthropist efforts of Upjit Singh Sachdeva, alias Jeety, continue to touch the lives of incarcerated individuals at the Monrovia Central Prison, or South Beach, and disadvantaged youths.

On Thanksgiving Day, Jeety, with commitment and compassion, ensured that those behind bars did not miss out on the spirit of the holiday season, feeding 1,469 inmates with rice and beans; water; soft drinks, including the donation of 600 new plates, as well as the feeding of 500 disadvantaged youths (zogoes) on Center street.

South Beach Prison, as it commonly called across Liberia, which was designed to accommodate a maximum of 400 inmates, is currently operating at a staggering percentage of its capacity, housing over 1,469 prisoners, the majority of which are pretrial detainees.

Jeety, known for his selfless contributions to society, began his involvement in prison outreach over six years ago, when he started feeding hundreds of Liberians at his Vai Town Residence.

Learning about the challenges faced by incarcerated individuals, Jeety then started distributing food at the prison, including the feeding of some disadvantaged youths (zogoes), and subsequently took his goodwill to some of the counties, including Margibi.

Since then, Jeety has made it his mission to ensure that no inmate feels forgotten or excluded during any time of gratitude and togetherness (holidays), realizing that many incarcerated individuals are separated from their families due to crimes committed.

Like this year’s Thanksgiving, Jeety, every holiday, leads his team to provide a memorable experience for prisoners, working tirelessly to prepare and pack the meals, ensuring that the recipients receive a delicious and heartfelt package to brighten their day.

Additionally, Jeety’s commitment to the welfare of the inmates extends beyond the festivities, as he has, on numerous occasions, identified with the inmates through the provision of eating plates or bowls, running water, and other essential materials.

In his opening speech Thursday, November 2, 2023, Jeety emphasized the importance of second chances and the power of redemption, inspiring hope among the captive audience and reiterated his call to fellow business personnel to see the need and emulate his working for the betterment and well-being of inmates.

Jeety, in a passionate tone, further offered words of encouragement and emphasized the importance of inclusivity, and vowed to continue supporting marginalized populations across the country.

In response, the Prison Deputy Superintendent for Operations, Janet K. Mulbah, thanked Jeety for his tireless commitment in buttressing government’s efforts to ensure that inmates are fed regularly every major holiday.

She also thanked Jeety for his numerous kind gestures, ranging from food distribution, the installation of running water, including the provision of additional bowls and plates, among others, at the prison compound.

The initiative carried on by Jeety on Liberia’s Thanksgiving Day has now become a beacon of hope for inmates at South Beach, and Zogoes, as they were able to enjoy a day of celebration and camaraderie.

The impact of Jeety’s initiatives extended far beyond the confines of a single day. The Thanksgiving Day, intended to worship God for His endless blessings upon Liberia and its citizenry, further became a catalyst of hope for inmates and zogoes.

Jeety’s dedication to empowering the incarcerated and marginalized populations served as a reminder that everyone deserves a chance at redemption, and a life filled with dignity, reminding them that their potential for growth and redemption is not lost.

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