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J.J. Roberts Principal Wants Citizens Put Liberia First

By Precious D. Freeman

The principal of the J.J. Roberts United Methodist School, Samuel K. Sagbeh has called on all citizens in and out of Liberia to love their country and make it their first priority.

Speaking in an interview yesterday at his office in Sinkor, Monrovia, he mentioned that no one can love, promote and sell the beauty heritage of the country except its own citizens.

According to him, not every time good things should be seen negative, instead the good stories of the country have to be told.

He added that the love of the country is one of the things that Liberians lack, adding that it is time that the criticism stops for the betterment of the country.

“Liberians do not have love to patronize anything someone does; they criticize to the extent of bringing them down and not even recognizing anything good in them,” he asserted.

He stated that Liberia should become internationally competitive and not fundamentally competitive in order to catch up with other African countries in terms of education.

Mr. Sagbeh intoned that the teachers in various schools should begin to teach History and should be perspective of letting the students know that they are first Liberians, and be able to appreciate all the tribes.

“Before criticizing the country and acting like there is nothing important here, we should first appreciate the gifts that God have given us,” he said.

Explaining the importance of WASSCE, he mentioned that it is a way of telling the schools’ administrators how well their students have mastered the curriculum.

“It is so genuine that anybody out of high school should have experienced WASSCE which makes it very important to the society,” he advised.

Principal Sagbeh maintained that WASSCE assists in the development of sound education, and ensures that all educational standards are fully maintained.

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