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Is Henry Costa’s Pick, Best For JNB And Liberia?

The time for a running mate to all opposition political parties’ standard bearers is at a critical stage with Unity Party’s (UP) Joseph Boakai being place highly on the pestle.

Several persons are being pointed to in the camp of the Unity Party thereby creating much anxiety among would-be picks for the vice presidency post and among names popping is Henry Pedro Costa.

The Secretary General of the Council of Patriot (COP) has projected political talk show host, Henry P. Costa as the best pick for running mate to Boakai in the upcoming October 10, elections.

Mr. Costa who has in recent, been rallying Liberians to support the country’s former Vice President in the October 10, poll is the founder and Chairperson of the COP that has in time pass been considered as one of the country’s major pressure groups.

Recently, there have been series of reports about Costa is being named along with two senators, Jeremiah Koung and NyonbleeKarnga-Lawrence as top contenders suited as running mates to Boakai

Addressing a news conference yesterday in Monrovia, the COP SG, Joseph Vallai, stated that Costa has branded himself as a remarkable and familiar figure in the country’s politics and has earned fame for being very vocal in his advocacy for the country and its citizenry.

He further explained that Costa has also positioned himself as a force to reckon with in shifting public opinion and as such, his pick for the running mate to former VP Boakai would bring about total celebration and jubilation across the country.

According to him, testament of Costa’s political strength in the country was also observed during the 2017 Presidential runoff elections on grounds that UP went looking for him to form part of their camping team as means to defeat President Weah now Senator Weah during said election.

He added that the factor that will make a Boakai-Costa ticket very formidable are so many but stressed that youthfulness is a key factor giving the voting population in Liberian, adding that far or near, Costa wave touches every citizen whether in their villages or its surrounding.

He added, “The time has now, and at 41, Costa will still be the youngest VP ever in the history of the country and its time we rally around to blend an elderly Boakai to a firebrand, energetic, and passionate about his country to send a clearer message to the international community that Liberia and Liberians are ready and meant business.”

“But it would be hypocritical for us to be after youthful voters in the country but at the same time think the young people have no space in the leadership of the country. Youthful leaderships are visible with President Weah ascendency to the Presidency and the UP cannot afford to lose this opportunity at this time,” he maintained.

“So, I am confidence that the Unity Party and Liberia will not regret bringing the youthful exuberant like Henry Costa to the Vice Presidency as we rally our country for a better and prosperous Liberia for all,” he asserted.

Costa has braced himself as a remarkable and phenomenal figure in Liberian politics and talk-show for a decade or more now.

Costa will be the youngest Vice President ever in the history of Liberia, a feat all young people will rally around; “blending a 78-year-old Joseph Boakai with a 41-year-old firebrand Costa will send a sharp wave across the country,” the youthful populace is contemplating.

The Unity Party and Liberia will not regret bringing the youthful exuberance of Henry Costa to the Vice Presidency as we rally our country for a better and broader opportunity for all.

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