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“Investigate Mary Yeakai’s Death Immediately” -Family Demands

By B. Linus Flomo


Family members of deceased 22-year-old, Mary Yeakai, are calling on the government, through the Liberia National Police, to launch an immediate investigation into the gruesome murder of their sister/daughter.

Speaking at the crime scene, the siblings of the deceased described the untimely death of their sister as mysterious and shocking.

Johnathan Wolopay and Barbra Goakai, brother and sister of the deceased, explained that Mary left her Barclay Mission residence Saturday, November 4 2023, during evening hours, but found her lifeless body buried in a makeshift structure around her house on Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

According to them, the deceased had gone to collect money for food on Sunday, upon receiving a phone call from her boyfriend, identified as Augustine Sheriff.

The alleged murderer of the deceased, after accomplishing the mission, buried her lifeless body under an old and abandoned zinc house, about 10 feet away from the house she used to live, but left one of her hands showing out.

The family has since contacted Augustine and informed him about the unfortunate situation, but he has failed to show up till date.

Though Augustine, through a cell phone communication, admitted to calling the deceased on the date mentioned, he maintained that he had no idea about her whereabouts.

It is reported that Augustine lives in the Johnsonville Kpelleh Town Community, and is either a motorcyclist or commercial driver but according to unconfirmed information, he is currently in Lofa, making efforts to cross into Guinea.

“From the onset of this incident, the family never accused Augustine of being Mary’s killer. All we have asked him to do is to avail himself and explain his side of the story; to tell us what actually happened from that Saturday up to the time the deceased’s corpse was discovered. But from the way he is proceeding, the family now sees him as the prime suspect in connection to the death of Mary,” the  family said.

The family is appealing to all well-meaning Liberians to please join the Yeakai and Mulbah families in ensuring that their daughter gets justice adding, “Please my people, let’s carry on our intelligence, and do our fact-finding, so we all, together, can aid the police in the search and investigation.”

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