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Inquirer’s Honorees Commit To Serve Well
…As Institution Climaxes 32nd Anniv.

By S. Siapha Mulbah

As part of efforts to keep the media watchful of the Liberian society, the Inquirer Newspaper presented certificates of appreciation to outstanding individuals and institutions for their distinct performances during the past year.

During its 32nd anniversary celebration, the new management explained that those working in the both the public and private spaces are being monitored by the services rendered as well as celebrated and not only do the media speak of the ills but the prospects that give positive impacts to the community.

Speaking at the Afrobeach in Thinkers Village where the colorful event was held Saturday, The Managing Editor, Winnie Saywah-Jimmy, said the institution was one of the first to start honoring servicemen and women in the country but had to stop because of the proliferation and intent of those who began to copy the expression of such gratitude.

“The media is not only looking forward to reporting the ills in society but also we look for the good in the news and that is why it is the watchdog. Your services on a daily basis are monitored and people are watching what you do,” Madam Saywah-Jimmy told the honorees.

She also motivated them to keep up the good work that will attract other institutions and individuals to see them as examples of rendering explicit services for the growth and development of the country.

“You honestly merit these awards and your workings in whatever capacity you have been honored today will surely be rewarded in the future. Keep on doing what you did last year so that others will follow the path and together we all can transform this country,” she noted.

In remarks, the honorees with excitement revealed that the honors bestowed upon them is the biggest motivation to take them over the world delivering continuous outstanding services to the country.

Judge Roosevelt Willie, Judge of the Year said his school of thought is that without the proper interpretation of the rule of law, there will be no sustainable development in any country.

He said others may not actually be on path but once he serves as a member to the country’s Judiciary, he is going to commit to doing the best on the job.

“I do not know about people at the Judiciary but, for me, am going to keep on doing the work the way you see it fit in order to honor me. I will do more, better and my best is what am promising. This honor bestowed on me will never be a waste,” Judge Willie assured.

The Security Expert of the Year, Trokon Roberts, said he sees the award as a greater challenge given him by the institution and the task will live to achieve its benefiting outcomes.

Otis Harris, the Humanitarian of the Year expressed pleasure in being awarded by a reputable institution after carrying on his service of humanity in the Liberian society.

According to him, the service of humanity takes into consideration giving the necessary aid to the person right next to you in order to save them and that it is not the amount of money one has to dish out to people that makes you a humanitarian.

“The Give Life Foundation did not see this honor coming but we are overjoyed that it is here today. It reminds us that were have the responsibility to keep giving more to those that are in need. You do noy need to be rich to impart a person’s life; it is your giving to the person near you that matters,” he said.

The Executive Director for the Give Life Center however announce a pending medical outreach that his foundation will embark on this year for 10 months taking the importance of good health awareness to several communities across Liberia.

The 18 honorees named by the institution for awards include; Cllr. Phil Tarpeh Dixon, Moustapha Raji, Chief Justice Sie-A-Nyene Youh, Major General Prince C. Johnson, Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin, Trokon Roberts, Mary T. Broh, Estelle Liberty Kemoh.

Others are; Bishop Leo Sampson, Upjit Sugh Sachdeva, Minster Cooper Kruah, Simeon Freeman, Senator Saah Joseph and Otis Harris.

For institutional awards are; the Exodus Entertainment Center, NAYMOTE, and the Liberia National Quizzing team

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