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“Indictment Narrative Was A Pure Lie” …Defendant Scott Testifies

By Grace Q. Bryant

Defendant Gloria Musu Scott says the indictment, including the narratives in the charges against them by the Government of Liberia were all lies.

“I am a lawyer by profession, so I will start by saying the indictment, including the narratives on the writ of arrest are pure lies. None of us formed the idea or the concept, nor did we have the inclination or the mindset to harm Charloe. Charloe was so dear to us and I am grateful for the platform to sit in this chair and explain,” she began her testimony.

She narrated that on a fateful Wednesday, she came from work during evening hours and solicited the help of AC, Getrude, and Aunty Youdeh to provide her light because the place was dark. They went to bed shortly after that.

Later that night, she woke up suddenly to loud screams, and out of panic, began to scream too. When she opened her door, she saw the late Charloe on the floor in the doorway, bleeding with a black backing on, so she dragged her in her bathroom and started to scream for help, but she did not see anybody.

She added that she later took her phone to make calls, but could not see her phone, till today.

 “I have never found my telephone, so how can I defend us? I started thinking, then I remembered the pepper spray and I went on the bed side table, searched among my papers, and I found the pepper spray. I had never used pepper spray before, so I decided to test it; I tested it on my hand and it burnt me. I came from behind my room door, which does not have a lock, and right there, I encountered this person, his eye and my eye locked, he looked deep in my eyes and God lifted my hand and I flashed the pepper spray in his eye and he drew back. Then I went back to the window and it was that time I saw people and I started screaming,” she narrated.

She explained that she later recognized the Genesis Security guard and told him to burst the window because Charloe needed to go to the hospital, and she later noticed that Getrude was behind him, then she told the security guard to use the same way to help them out.

She maintained that she handed the key to the security guard and it was at that point people came in and lifted Charloe. “When we came outside, we went to Faith Clinic and every check point we reached, I was telling the police people that we were being attacked; when we got to Faith Clinic, I was in such a state that they put me outside, as they were working on Charloe until my neighbor came, Pastor Gizzie; he came with another lady and said ‘this is one of our members, she works at Redemption Hospital’,” she noted.

“He brought the woman to me and the woman explained that Charloe needed blood and oxygen, and they went and took her to Redemption Hospital. Pastor Gizzie and the lady that he introduced to me as a nurse, took her from the Faith Clinic to the Redemption Hospital; when we got to the Redemption Hospital, the doctor kept going back and forth till I started screaming and yelling, and then they took her into the hospital and it was at that point that he invited me and gave me a chair and informed me that Charloe had passed,” Scott added.

She continued, “She didn’t survive her wound, so we relocated to 16th Street, and that’s where I was before I was arrested and taken to the police station; this was June of this year, either the 20th or the 21st, and I was detained in a cell with men; there were about three police ladies with me in the cell and at about 2am, the person who was at the charge of quarter ordered the women to leave me and come outside. I didn’t know the time because I asked the women for their time and they resisted, that’s how they remained with me until day broke,” she concluded.

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