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Indians In Court For Theft Of Property

By Grace Q. Bryant

The office of the special investigation unit crime services at the Liberia National Police (LNP) has charged and sent to Court an Indian identified as Mahendra Mike Chauhan and two others for Theft of Property.
Defendant Chauhan, Yogi Kamani and Daniel Jackson who are said to be in violation of Chapter 15, Section 15.51 of the Revised Penal Law of Liberia have all been charged upon a complain were filed on Tuesday, December 29, 2020 by one of the shareholders of Arun Brothers and LR& Son Deepak Anandani.
Accordingly, the LNP investigation found out that an in-house audit discovered that Arun Brothers and LR & Sons partnership had experienced shortages in its financial transactions from its warehouse and various branches.
The complaint observed that the financial transactions’ documents displayed evidences ranging from cash squandered to sales of goods shortages affecting the Arun Brothers Branch #1 Water Side, UN Drive, Arun Brothers branch #2 Buchanan parking in Red Light, Paynesville, Arun Brothers branch # 3 Hage Stores in Red Light Paynesville and Arun Brothers branch #4 Buchanan parking Red light Paynesville in partnership with LR & Sons branch #1 on Randall Street, LR& Sons branch #5 on Broad Street and LR & Sons branch #6 on Randall Street along with LR & Sons warehouse.
According to the complaint, the loss incurred is in the tune of US$ 512, 800 and furthered that Arun Brothers branch # 1 experienced cash loss of US$2, 938 and Arun Brothers branch # 2 loss incurred from the sale of scratch cards in the amount of US$ 148, 300.
The complaint revealed that the current Manager of Arun Brothers branch # 2 is suspected of editing the account by breaking the passwords while Arun Brothers branch # 3 experienced cash shortages from sales amounting to US$25, 000 while Arun Brothers branch # 4 store experienced huge losses.
The complainant added that LR & Sons branch# 6 manager, Nitesh Vasudev having edited the account by illegally breaking into the software incurred losses in the tune of US$ 10, 200 and allegedly took away the amount of US$1, 870 from the sales and gave same to the Red light police depot commander only identified as Baysah for the settlement of the prostitutes as he is involved with prostitution.
The complainant further told the police investigation that LR& Sons branch # 5 experienced cash loss in tune of US$28, 123 along with LR & Sons branch # 1 bringing to total the amount of US$12, 380 loss in cash while the manager, Rahul Fulwari, received as estimated amount US$8,000 which was also not unreported.
The complainant put the shortage of the warehouse managed by Vikram Thakur at US$191, 990.50.

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