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INCHR To Ensure
Prosecution For S.G. Cephus, If…

The Independent National Human Rights Commission (INHRC) has assured that Solicitor General Syrenus Cephus will be prosecuted when the allegations of human sacrifice against him are authenticated.
Cllr Dempster Brown proposes that an inquiry board should be established to derive at the truthfulness of the allegations recently levied against Cllr. Cehus by Ellen Corkrum.
According to the INCHR’s new chairperson, the Commission’s vision is, among other things, to improve the state compliance with international, regional and national human rights obligations.
Cllr. Brown reminded that whenever an accused is summoned to appear before the commission and refuses to appear, the commission shall apply for a Writ of Arrest from and circuit court to bring the accused under its jurisdiction.
In his maiden press conference held at the INCHR’s headquarters yesterday, Chairman Dempster Brown recommended that President George Weah constitutes an independent inquiry commission to include CSO, religious groups as well as members of the Liberia National Bar Association to investigate the allegations of ritualistic killings.
He then named the persistent disappearances and mysterious deaths of peaceful citizens, including ritualistic killing especially women and children around the 15 counties.
From July up to September 2021, he stated that the INCHR monitored report revealing the disappearance of a local government official, Alexander Yenue, in River gee county whose where about is unknown up to present.
While citing the disappearance of Madam Eliza Robert and her whereabouts not known up to present in Kaluway district, Maryland County as another issue of concern, Cllr. Brown said the report monitored also revealed that a 66 years old man disappeared in Grand Gedeh County.
Cllr. Brown recalled that two weeks ago, a 1-year 6-month old child was taken away by unknown men in Bong County and later his body was found near a creek in Grand Cape Mount County; both Madam Hawa and Mublah Kunyon got missing up to present and their whereabouts is unknown.
“Our monitor also informed us that Madam Afoa Williams was found dead in district 9 in Montserrado County and up to present the perpetrators have not been apprehended and that a lady identified as Ma Nowai who came from Bong County last week to visit her relatives in Johnsonville also disappeared and her where about is unknown up to present,” he cataloged.
The commission also received a report from Foya Lofa county that a private security officer working for Lone Star Cell got missing and his where about is not known.
The commission continues to receive complaints from her monitors that individuals that are riding on motorcycles are using white handkerchiefs to kidnap the riders that with them as passenger at night.
The Commission observed that the disappearances of people coupled with the mysterious deaths including ritualistic killings are due to the malfeasance of the Liberian National Police as a result of the several challenges.
“We shall advise government on amendment of reform of law and policies and administrative practices and regulation consistent and in conformity with national and international human rights law and standard,” Cllr. Brown promised.
He said the INCHR is concerned about the prevailing human rights situation in the country because the 14 years of civil crisis in Liberia was due to the disrespect for the rule of law that resulted to injustices to the poor.
“We shall also improve respect for human rights and strengthen INHCR system and institutional accountability for the promotion and protection of human rights,” he stressed.
In 1997, the Liberian Commission on Human Rights was established by an Act of National Legislature with limited powers to address the Human Rights Situation in Liberia.
The Act was repealed in 2005 with the commission given the right to a Quasi-Judicial Function to hear complaints brought before it by victims of Human Rights violation.
Article (6) of the Act gives the commission the power to hear complaints under the civil procedure law of Liberia and have the power to Subpoena, the issuance of Summons and the enforcement of the attendance of witnesses and examination of them on Oath.
“Our vision is to implement the Act that established the commission that gave the commission the mandate to successfully uphold Liberia’s obligations to promote and protect the rights of our citizens and foreign residents and to ensure that all inalienable rights and liberties are protected under the constitution and statutory laws of Liberia, including regional and international instruments on Human rights, also including the promotion of international protocols, conventions and treaties relating to human rights which Liberia is a signatory,” he said.
Liberia is obligated to respect all protocols, international conventions and treaties which it is a signatory for the protection and promotion of human rights.

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