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INCHR Calls For Investigation In PYJ Saga

The Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR) is calling on the Minister of Justice to take immediate step to ensure that those involved in violent acts are arrested and prosecuted consistent with due process of law.
INCHR boss, T. Dempster Brown, comments were based on the action by a group of youth under the banner of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) Youth Wing who disrupted worship service at the Christ Chapel of Faith.
INCHR reminds all Liberian politicians to avoid using young people to create havoc and chaos during this electoral period and asserts that Liberians should learn to settle their grievances thru peaceful and legal means short of violence.
The 1986 Constitution as well as international human rights laws recognizes the right to
freedom of expression and assembly. However, while these rights are guaranteed, the restriction
imposed by these human rights laws clearly prohibits actions that threaten public order, national
security etc,” he noted.
He added, “INCHR reminds political leaders that pre and post-election violence that are engineered by politicians would have serious legal consequences, therefore take note of the election violence in other countries and notify all actors that international human rights instruments including the statute of the International Criminal Court which Liberia ratified in 2004 are applicable at all time.”
INCHR is appalled by the wave of lawlessness that has occasioned the processes leading to the October 10 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections.
INCHR particularly wants to raise concern to the spike of violence and hate statements that have been made political leaders recent times and cautions politicians to be mindful of statements that have the tendency to draw the supporters of rival parties into chaos and violence, something which would undermine peaceful elections and render citizens and residents vulnerable to injuries and loss of lives.
INCHR avers that those who believe that they can incite violence and chaos without accountability are living in illusion, because the commission has vowed to prevail on the international community to sanction those who engage in violence that lead to the violation to the right to life.
Meanwhile, the INCHR has the statutory mandate to ensure the protection and promotion of
human rights throughout the country and is committed to strengthen its monitoring mechanism
around the country to monitor human rights violations especially at this critical period of our

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