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“I’m A Peaceful Person”…Andrew Peters Reacts to Media Report

By Alex Yomah

 The Deputy Spokesperson of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change, Andrew Peters, has denied media reports linking him to the violent act carried out in Boegeezay Town on January 29, 2023 in Rivercess County.

 National Patriotic Party’s Secretary General, and the which is said to have come from Bill Tewhway group.

Mr. Andrew Peters in an exclusive interview with this paper said, “I bought copy of this paper this morning and Tewhway is alleging that I am engaged in into violence in my district.”

“But let me tell you that I am a peaceful person unless him. When you talk about character evidence and you dig into the name Tewhway, you will find out that he is linked with the Buchanan corruption saga of which he is not off the hook, and if you also dig further, he was accused by Henry Costa for murdering Emmanuel Barten Nyuswa when he lived on 16th Street and since then he has done nothing about it,” Mr. Peters alleged.   

 Mr. Andrew Peters who said he has not returned to Rivercess about a month due to his party’s February 4, 2023 rally in Monrovia, expressed fear of being killed by Bill whom he said once vowed to do so before the pending elections.

 Already, Tewhway is heavily armed with some government trained soldiers, has   expressed fear and called on government to probe Tewhway before he kills anyone.

 “I want to know who this man that was just recently removed from government due to sanction is doing with all these soldiers with arms and ammunitions in our county and besides that,” he is claiming that he wants to contest in the pending election on whose ticket he is going to contest because, I had declared my intention to contest on the coalition two years ago,” he said.

According to report from Rivercess, on the night of Friday, February 29, 2023 was a scene of shooting and rioting between people believed to be loyal to River Cess County senatorial aspirant Twehway and also people believed to be loyal to Peters in Boegeezay Town, District 1, and Rivercess County.

 Contrary to what was reported, Twehway’s supporters damaged Peters’ billboard and when the elders of the town probed; they resolved that Twehway is to be blamed for it and while in the process, Tewhway asked the elders to pay for it, this, Andrew’s supporters demanded that they could not sit seeing their leader’s banner brought down while their contender’s billboard was still up, and so they opted to retaliate, resulting into stone throwing and firing of live bullets.

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