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If You Throw 6” Block, We Will Throw 8” –Senator Dillon Warns Trouble makers

“If they bring chaos, we will return it. You throw rocks, we will throw rocks and if you use 2 by 4 planks, we will use 8 by 4 planks,” Senator Abraham Darius Dillon sounded a caveat.
“If supporters throw 6-inch blocks against opposition, we will throw 8-inch blocks and then the people who are supposed to calm this situation will come,” he emphasized.
Dillon’s assertions were in reaction to Grand Gedeh County’s recent violent action against officials of CPP which led some state security getting wounded and vehicles belonging to Representative Yekeh Kolubah were damaged.
Recently, Dillon sounded similar caveat stating that if President George Weah were to rig the ensuing elections in favor of his candidates, it will be the end of the CDC-led Government in Liberia.
The Montserrado County Senator re-echoed his stance when he said the opposition will not idly sit and allow the Coalition for Democratic Change government derail the peace alone, noting that if the government wants chaos, the opposition will similarly reciprocate.
Making the remarks on Sky FM during the 50-50 Talk-show on Monday, August 3, Sen. Dillon said President Weah should be tolerant and avoid threatening civil servants to vote his candidates in the pending elections.
Reminding the Liberian leader of what tolerance is in democratic processes, Dillon said former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was a sitting President when she wanted Clemenceau Urey to be a Senator but the people of CDC chose Geraldine Doe Sheriff instead, and in the same path, she was also President when she campaigned for her own son Robert Sirleaf against him President George Weah in the 2014 senatorial race and despite the money she spent, George Weah won because he was the choice of the people.
“Today, George Weah is sitting as President and the people say we don’t want your candidate; we want the other candidate,” Dillon warned Weah ahead of the polls.
“If you force it, you are looking for trouble, that is no threat, but if you tell the cat not to eat the fish then tell the fish not to smell, because that smelling of the fish entices the cat to eat it,” Dillon said.

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