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‘Identify Your Purpose In Life’
-Barrow Urges UL Graduates

The Combined Commencement Speaker at the 102nd graduates of the University of Liberia, Moses M. L. Barrow, has urged graduates not to only use their education for Liberia, but rather, for humanity.
He said that their education will be irrelevant if it does not show who it has helped or what impact it has created for the benefit of the Liberian people, noting that Liberia is a special nation that represents those free human beings who were in the clutches of inhumane slavery and returned to their motherland to create a nation of free human beings.
“We all have the inalienable rights to freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness and Liberia represents that. So, Liberia in such a glowing way underscored my own experience when I migrated to the United States with my mother at the age of 8,” the guest speaker recounted.
Mr. Barrow explained, “So, you my friends should celebrate because you are the beacon of light to the nation and it reminds me why I am here. Honestly, I attach much importance to the visit to Liberia despite my very important schedule being an opposition leader in the national legislature of Belize.”
“I have a budget debate on Thursday, because as opposition leader in the House of Representatives, it is my responsibility to debate the budget and hold the government accountable and make sure that they spend the taxpayer’s dollars responsibly in a way that will benefit the people,” Mr. Barrow noted.
The Belize parliament member further said, “So it is important for me to come here today to talk to these graduates that will not only go forward shouldering the responsibility of Liberians but all of humanity because the world is watching.”
The Belizean politician whose address focused mainly on the need for the graduates to work for humanity and not for their own interest also outlined his difficult past and how he was able to come out from the situation to be where he is today.
According, to him, he had to live a life many thought would have been possible to endure and accomplish the things that he has accomplished, indicating, “But I am not special. I am just a human being that was able to think deeper within and said that divinity was in me because God created all of us; it is incumbent upon all of you to identify your purpose in life and your purpose should be humanity.”
He asserted, “It is not the degree you hold today; it is the key that unlocks the possibilities for opportunity for humanity. Not just for you, it is a very difficult lesson that I learn very difficult. And if I am to give you one gift, it is the gift to identify your purpose.”
Barrow then called on the graduates to image Liberia internationally, alluding, “You are nothing if what you have is for a degree; is for professional accomplishment, if you cannot show me the people you are helping. And that is why I stand before you here today because I have been committing myself to helping others.”

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