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‘Identify Your Goal’ Road Fund Boss Lights Up Handball Association

By Sam Siapha Mulbah

The National Road Fund Chief Executive Officer Boniface Satu has challenged students desirous of playing handball across the country to identify the game as their goal along the way.

He said that it is important for all men to wake up at the start of the day to develop answers to questions that will highlight possible achievements for a way forward. 

Satu disclosed that making handball the goal set for students is the most cardinal determination to scale the importance of getting involved. 

“Our goal drives us to make choices that may take us farther or not. And today, there is one goal here. The goal is to take the National Handball Association (LNHA) to the highest level,” he said.

He added that handball is a beautiful game; noting, “Not only is it a beautiful game to watch, but it has ethical values that can refine an individual for the betterment of society.” 

Boniface Satu recognized the work of the Liberia National Handball Association citing the game as one of the fastest growing sports in the country with so many opportunities. 

Delivering the keynote address at the launch of the National Back-To-School league, the Road Fund boss cautioned the participants that a sport like handball improves mental focus and self-confidence.

“To be successful in any aspect of our life takes mental and physical discipline. Having the game and the game strategy is important, but governing yourself to stay calm under pressure, and keep yourself focused on the right things portrays discipline,” Satu noted.

He encouraged the students and players of handball to demonstrate discipline and mental courage as the main assets of sports all over the world.

“As a sports lover myself, overtime, I have grown to know that there are lots of advantages, but there are two main assets that can take anyone further in life; mental courage and discipline,” he said.


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