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“I Want To Be Project Manager” -Says Gongloe

The Liberian People’s Party (LPP’s) Presidential aspirant, Tiawan Saye Gongloe says he wants to be Liberia’s project manager for the proper management of its natural resource and growth, and not just a President to change the country’s story.
He said when that happens the country shall have a better growth where every Liberian will enjoy its fruit than ever because leaders are servants of the people who lead and then the people follow.
Gongloe made these comments when he spoke to residents during various town hall meetings in 12 major towns in 4 electoral districts combined in both Grand Cape Mount and Bomi Counties respectively during a recent tour of the western region of the country.
He promised that when elected President of the country in the forthcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections scheduled for Tuesday, October 10, this year, he will ensure free education for all state-run grade schools likewise technical and vocational education training (TVET) in all counties.
Gongloe also promised free healthcare for pregnant women or mothers as well as the elderly who are above the age of 65 years, both men and women at all public hospitals and clinics across the country.
He promised further that under his regime both the engineering and agriculture battalions of the military shall be put to use in the area of road construction and food production thereby addressing the pressing needs of the country during this 21st Century.
In Gbah-Jekeh of Senjeh District of Electoral District #3, Bomi County, Gongloe informed the residents during the town hall meeting that he was on acquaintance tour of the western region as he expects to be contesting for presidency of the Republic in the pending Presidential and Legislative Elections in October.
Similar town hall meetings were held with residents of Gbah-Foboi, Nimba-Point, Madina, Teeh, Sinje, Vonzula, Wangekor, Nagbena, Bo-waterside, Tienii, and Daniel Town in Garwula, Tawor and Porkpa Districts in Grand Cape Mount with the same message.
“If I become President, there will be free academic education program as well as technical, vocational education and training programs where young people shall attend or learn trade so as to compete on the job market,” Gongloe noted.
About reducing the illiteracy rate, he went further that within 2 years there shall be dramatic reduction in illiteracy because those who cannot read or write; government shall hire unemployed qualified college or university graduates to teach them.
On food production, Gongloe stated that his administration shall made Liberians to engage in mechanized farming instead of the manual work in every county so as to have surplus of the produce on the local market rather than depending on importation.
“The agriculture and engineering battalions of the military shall be put to use for both the road construction countrywide and that of the farming. The soldiers are trained and disciplined people therefore what they need is empowerment thereby putting them to work,” he intimated.
Commenting on corruption-fight, Gongloe assured the people that corruption is the major menace that continues to carry the country backward, therefore if elected President in October, he shall be the first person to declare his assets and thereafter, the rest shall follow.
“Every 3 months there will be a life style audit. Because bad sore needs bad medicine. If you work in my government and you are accused of stealing, investigated and found guilty, you shall go to jail and will not work in my government until you die,” he vowed.
In their general response, the locals commended Gongloe for being the first presidential aspirant to engage them by asking for their support during the pending Presidential and Legislative Elections.
“You are the first person who is seeking for the presidency to ever tour Counties of Grand Cape Mount and Bomi in the western region of the country. We shall study your simple message from what you plan doing if elected President of the country,” said one of the elders in Madina Township, Garwula District.
Meanwhile, Gongloe has encouraged the people of Bomi and Grand Cape Counties to take advantage of the voter’s registration exercise which shall run from Monday, March 20 to Sunday, April 9, 2023.
“I urge you to take ownership of the phase one of the registration process by registering to vote which Grand Cape Mount and Bomi Counties are included alongside other phase one,” he noted, writes throble suah.

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