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“I am Prepared For The Task” …MICAT New Deputy Boss Assures

By Alex Yomah

The out-going Director of Press and Public Affairs at the Liberian Senate, Jarlawah Tonpo, has vowed to return to the Legislature whenever he is called upon to provide assistance.
Tonpo ends his 17-year old service as spokesperson of the Liberian Senate following his confirmation by that body to serve as Deputy Information for Public Affairs at the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICA), a position he was nominated to by President George Weah recently.
Minister Tonpo who expressed his acceptance to work for his country with humanity described his new portfolio in the government cycle as a greater call to duty.
At an appreciation ceremony held by his Capitol Building office staffers yesterday, the Deputy Minister asserted that though his new role in government is being termed as a “challenge” he is prepared to serve and will work tirelessly to make President Weah’s agenda a reality.
The Deputy spokesperson for government assured that with his boss and his solid team of professionals already at MICAT, he will fit in and succeed noting, “We will design programs that will ensure people in the leeward counties get information about their government.”
The Human Resource Director at the Liberian Senate, John Gizzie, hailed the former Director of the Senate Press Bureau describing Amb. Tonpo as an effective leader who talks when he needs to talk but most times, he is concentrated on his duty.
“I am happy that he is appointed by President George Weah to serve his country in another position. He has worked beyond expectation; but, with the task ahead of you, Minister Tonpo; take God with you and you will succeed,” he advised.
“I have worked with outgoing Director Tonpo for 17 years and he has proven to be a dedicated person who is always the first person and last person to leave his office,” the HR Director testified.
The Human Resource Manager further said, “Don’t allow people to scare you. This job that you are leaving is more difficult than the one you are heading for. I say this because here, you had to speak for 30 senators plus one Vice President who all have different agendas, different views, and different political ideologies.”
However, the consistent spokesperson of the Senate’s aggrieved workers, Charles Brown, has again threatened to unleash an unabated intellectual war that could lead to death if, the leadership of the Senate fails to consider the “Ascendency clause” to appoint a director for the Senate Press Bureau.

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