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“Human Resource Capacity Will Build Liberia” -Allen Brown Asserts

Liberia Restoration Party (LRP) Presidential candidate, Allen Brown, says his party’s mandate is to restore the nation Liberia to God, using the human mind as the basic capital.

Speaking over the weekend at a youth awareness program gathering at his campaign headquarters in Sinkor, Allen Brown explained that the greatest resource in the country are our people, not the minerals, adding that that’s where everybody misses it.

The Presidential hopeful added that Liberia’s greatest resource is human resource capacity; if we build our human resource capacity, our human resource capacity will build Liberia.

He further said that this what people continue to miss, adding that this is where they are fundamentally different from every other party.

Mr. Brown stated that the youth are the best part of the people they have to offer and what they should offer, adding that it is about engaging the youth and explaining to them about his platform, so that they can understand how he can impact their lives and what he will do to transform their lives. 

He mentioned that his greatest emphasis will be placed on the well-being of children. “Let them be children again, growing up in an environment that fosters love, innocence, discipline, integrity, and responsibility. Broken children become broken adults, and broken adults create a broken nation,” he said.

The LRP Presidential candidate explained that he has a practical knowledge of a feeding program. “I want you to know that your interest is my interest. I have been part of a feeding ministry for years, Feeding Peter’s Kids, headed by Pinky Bemah. We have fed over ninety thousand children, and even adults, over the years.”

Meanwhile, he said with respect to other aspects of the economy, his government will encourage manufacturing, the service industry, technology, and climate, with a vibrant and booming economy, adding that he believes that Liberia, with its small population, would become a melting pot, boasting an array of different nationalities.  

According to him, it starts with ensuring that our people can eat, and we have seen an example of a government that fed its people, while drawing from an example by former US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who during the Great Depression, opened soup kitchens as one of the solutions to the problems that the United States faced at the time. 

“We must explore joint ventures with international companies that are engaged in businesses that we need,” the LRP political leader said. “We are a nation of around five million people, and in a robust economy, we will easily absorb our citizens. This means that we will eventually need to import people, an attractive economy will do that.”

Brown further said that the LRP government would ensure that infrastructural development happens in all fifteen counties simultaneously, and this, Brown noted, can happen through private sector initiatives.

“There is a correlation between accessibility to clean drinking water, accessibility to affordable electricity, and poverty,” he said, believing that the more inaccessible clean drinking water and affordable electricity are to our citizens, the poorer they will be.

“It’s that simple. I will make sure that clean drinking water is accessible. I will make sure that affordable electricity is accessible,” he said. “I support BOTs (Build, Operate, and Transfer) as ways to build national roads, thereby helping our farmers transport their produce. Moreover, roads and infrastructure encourage other areas of development.”

Brown explained that the LRP government will create a strong and truly independent judiciary that will greatly enhance security, and ultimately deter crimes against women, raping of children, and other heinous acts of violence.

“We must resource our youths, providing opportunities in education, sports, the arts, and fine arts, understanding that a nation’s children and youths are truly its future. If we build our children, if we build our youth, if we build men and women, collectively, they will build Liberia.”

He concluded that LRP is designed to transform the young people’s lives, adding that the LRP is interested in seeing them achieve more awards in the society. 

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