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Gwaikolo’s Political Migration Threatens VCP

The Victory for Change Party (VCP) says it come to its attention an unconfirmed information from various media outlets in the country that the Representative of District 9, Nimba County who is the lone representative of the party in the Legislature, Johnson N. Gwaikolo, has declared his intention to join the Congress for Democratic Change CDC) at programs marking the I 7th Anniversary celebration of that ruling party.
The VCP wishes to categorically state that it has no knowledge of its member legally leaving the party and joining the CDC, and that Gwaikolo remains a bona tide member of the VCP and of its executive committee.
The party further clarifies that Gwaikolo with whom officials of the party regularly interact, has neither consulted the National Executive Committee, nor indicated by any means his intentions to exit the party or join any other political party.
The party said while it recognizes the constitutional rights of any citizen of the Republic to associate or dis-associate with any association or political party he/she wishes to join by fulfilling membership requirements, it will not stand in the way of any of its members wishing to denounce their membership with the party, provided such member fulfills the exit requirements and clears all financial and legal obligations to the party, prior to exiting.
Meanwhile, the party said its National Executive Committee is expected to convene an emergency meeting to verify the information of Gwaikolo’s recent declaration of intent to the ruling party without prior consultation with the party’s NEC and thereafter, informs its partisans and the public of the next steps.
The party wishes to note that while it has been frantically engaged with the recruitment of more members over the last six months, it will regret any exit of any current member, especially an eminent member like Gwaikolo, who is serving his people and country well; and has made the party proud by amplifying the name of the party by his work in the Legislature.

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