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Gurley & Randall Streets Community Elect New Leadership

By Alex Yomah
Gurley and Randall Streets Community has elected its new leadership to steer the affairs of that community for the next years to come.

Making the disclosure to this paper on Monday, the Co-Chairperson, Amos Sackie said that they were elected by the community to seek their welfare. “For the last 20 years, the community has not gotten a single line of the Liberia Electricity Corporation within the community and more to that, the community is eye-sore filthy,” Sackie stated.

“We are seeing other communities living under endless LEC but when it comes to Gurley and Randall Community; if we don’t have money to pay for private current, you would sleep in darkness,” Sackie explained.

The Co-chair is also calling on the Mayor of the Monrovia City Corporation, Jefferson Koijee to meet with them so that together, the leadership and MCC can ensure that the community is at all times kept clean.
“Our community is dirty; we want to set up a team to clean the Gurley and Randall Streets Community and to ensure that the community gets current,” Sackie said.

“We are also mandated to ensure that we get light while working with one Famata Sirleaf, but she recently informed us that she is no longer in such department,” Sackie stated.

According to him, as part of the mandate, the community has been denied of lots of good developments undertaken in the community because of certain business individuals within the community.

Sackie alleged that not a single light pole had ever been planted in their community, while bundles of current wires are being distributed by one business man identified as Jungle-Water.

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