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Guinea-Liberia Border Closed LIS Discloses

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.

The Liberia Joint Security assigned at the main border in the commercial city in Ganta says, the Republic of Guinea has closed its borders with Liberia. They explained that the Guinean State Security closed borders with Liberia in Ganta, Yekepa, on October 13, 2020, at about 11: 15 A.M. The Liberia Joint Security disclosed a huge deployment of Guinean State Security at various crossing points along the border on their side of the border in Ganta and Yekepa to prevent illegal migration into the country.
Taking into account the Guinean Presidential Election scheduled for the 15th of October 2020 in the Republic of Guinea, all appropriate measures have been put in place to ensure that the new President be elected through a peaceful democratic process under the watchful eyes of the international observers.
Ganta has seven local sub port of entries beside the main border connecting the country with Guinea and is the fourth leading port for the government in terms of revenue collection in the country.
Since the closure of borders by the government in May 2020, Ganta, Yekepa, Loguatuo, were borders designated by the government of Liberia for the smooth running of trade between the ECOWAS to bring in cargo trucks in the wake of the deadly coronavirus lock down in the country.
Ganta which is among commercial cities in Bain-Garr District in Electoral District One and Yekepa which is the operational site of Arcellor Mittal steel company shares border with the Republic of Guinea in the county.
During a guided tour at the border in Ganta, cargo trucks were seen parked on both sides of the two countries.

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