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Group Frowns On People For Ignoring Health Protocols

A group calling itself “Citizens United To Promote Health Protocols Against Coronavirus” has frowned on the behavior of some Liberians who are ignoring the use of the health protocols to curtail the spread of the virus in the country.
The group said it is regrettable that despite repeated warnings by the Ministry of Health and other health authorities, it has observed how these measures, including the wearing of face masks have not been adhered to.
The citizens in interview said that it is only through the adherence to the health protocols that the country can combat this global pandemic. “This is not a joking matter; this is a serious matter that must claim all of us attention,” the group noted.
The group pointed out that it is time to promote the health slogan of “No Mask No Service” because it feels that this is one of the ways to enforce the health protocols.
The group said this is one of the surest ways to execute the health protocols because people are involved in various activities on a daily basis.
Meanwhile the group has commended the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute for the level of education and awareness on the fight against this virus.

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