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Gov’t’s Contributions To
Sports Parks Remain Undisclosed

By Bill W. Cooper
The head of the Presidential Delivery Unit, Trokon Kpui has stated that the Liberian government is expected to make some financial contributions towards the construction of the PHP Unity Sports Park in Monrovia.
Like the famous Invincible Sport Park, the Minister of State without Portfolio failed to disclose the exact amount that the government has or intends to contribute to said projects.
However, Kpui stated that the government’s decision to buttress the contribution made by international is as a result of other designs being added to the initial blueprint of the project.
Speaking during the touring of the PHP facility, Kpui disclosed that the park is funded by the United Arab Emirates, through its Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), which is a one year initiative, and thereby set January, 2023, as the official date for its dedication by President George M. Weah.
According to him, the United Arab Emirates contributed US$5 million to begin the construction work which was the initial amount earmarked for the park.
He stated that said contribution from the Arab Prime Prince was made to the country following President Weah’s state visit to that part of the world when he laid forth his desired and dreams of constructing a recreational sports park.
“During our visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we drafted this project into a brochure and presented it to the Crown Prince of UAE, and it was upon which the Liberian leader then informed the Prince that this is what he is anticipating to do in Liberia for the government and its citizens,” Kpui stated.
“And during their discussion, President Weah also told the Prince that the youths in Liberia have not many recreational facilities and because of that they are into too much politics, while others are involved in unwholesome social behaviors,” he added.
“So, following the President’s deliberation, we returned to Liberia, and the Prince of UAE in no time sent a group of delegates to Liberia to assess the project and do a feasibility study, after which a grant of US$5 million was given to jump-start the project,” he explained.
“And prior to the government receiving the money, I also took the delegates to the site and they were very excited to see the actual vision of the President, while we have been working assiduously to ensure that this project becomes a reality,” Minister Kpui added.
Meanwhile, the head of the PDU has further disclosed that it was a Liberian-own BMC Group Construction Company that won the contract for the construction of the park after a thorough bidding process.
He narrated further that the construction work which has gone 30 percent is being monitored by Abu Dhabi and the Liberian government through his office to ensure transparency and accountability.

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