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Govt. Warns Citizens To Keep Away From Violence In Guinea

Government has warned its citizens to keep away from the ongoing tribal conflict in the Guinea forest region town of Macenta.
The violence led to the death of 11 persons since Sunday, December 27, and several properties worth millions of dollars damaged involves the Mandingos and Lormas over a successor following the death of their superintendent.
The curfew imposed in the area by the Guinean government could not hold as the violence still continued up to yesterday, Monday, December 28, as the towns and villages turned into ghost-towns.
Meanwhile, Internal Affairs Minister, Varney Sirleaf, warned Liberians immediately on yesterday not to get involved with the conflict in Guinea as both the Liberian and Guinean authorities were working together to bring situation in Macenta under control.
Also, Liberia’s Army Chief of Staff, General Prince Charles Johnson, III said the joint state security patrol is ongoing in the area which is a regular or normal routine exercise therefore there was no cause to fear.
According to the report, the Guinea-Lormas want someone of their kind or from their tribal group instead of somebody from another tribe like the Guinea-Mandingo.
Mandingo, Lorma, Kissi and Kpelle are tribes found both in Guinea and Liberia and they have inter-marriages or relationships with each other.

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