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Gov’t To Officially Launch 100 Days Deliverables -Presidential Press Secretary Discloses 

The Presidential Press Secretary, Kula Fofana, has disclosed plans by the government to officially launch its hundred days’ deliverables soon.

Addressing Executive Mansion reporters at the regular press briefing on Friday February 16, 2024, Madam Fofana said the plans, as initially disclosed by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai during his inaugural address to the nation, are so far well on course.

As part of activities leading to the Official launch of the 100 days deliverables, she told Executive Mansion reporters that government line Ministries and agencies are now submitting their programs and plans to a special committee responsible for such task.

“As I speak, the team is working on the deliverable, ensuring that all the different sectors bring their own contribution for the plans and programs, and more importantly, how they track the implementations of the plans and programs,” she said.

“One of what the President is doing is to ensure that the Ministries of Commerce and Public Works, among others, are all in charge of their beats and functions,” she said.

According to her, President Joseph Nyuma Boakai will be very keen on the implementation, as well as the tracking of these plans in the interest of the people.

She added that as a means of showing tangible and just performances, each sector will specifically be in charge of their plans.

“The impact of these deliverables to the people will be a key priority to the Liberian leader,” she re-emphasized. 

Speaking on other national issues, the Presidential Press Secretary stated that President Boakai is seriously concerned about the current situation in the country.

“Additionally, as you also know, the President, during his message, mentioned and spoke about the issue of drug addiction in the country and his plan to ensure that it is curtailed; he did set up a committee and the committee has been working seriously over the last couple of weeks,” she said.

She intoned that the committee, headed by the Ministry of Health, was continuously met and they will start on Monday with the segments of all of the different areas responsible for the issue of rehabilitation centers in the country.

“So, those of you who are working in those lines providing services for people who have found themselves in ghettos will be reached out by the Ministry of Health to be able to work together,” she stated.

“President Boakai is concerned and has asked the relevant agencies of government to work out modalities in order to address the issue in a timely manner and form,” she noted. 

Speaking about the controversial Ghanaian trip, Madam Fofana clarified that the President went on a two-day working visit to Ghana, but spent one day and met with the Ghanaian Vice president, contrary to claims and mixed views in the public.

She, at the same time, encouraged the media, and Liberians in general, to be more concerned about the people-centered, impactful, and substantial issues, rather than social media or political discussions.

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