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Govt. To Elevate Boatswain

The government has broken grounds for the expansion and elevation of Boatswain from Junior to Senior Secondary School level.
Boatswain is the only public school situated on the Jamaica Road within the vicinity of Logan Town, Bushrod Island in Electoral District 15, Montserrado County.
The expansion and elevation of Boatswain from junior high school is intended to reduce the crowdedness of classes at D. Twe Memorial High School which is also the only public high school situated within the Borough of New Kru Town and perhaps the whole of the Bushrod Island.
The Superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS), Isaac Zawolo, performed the ceremony attended by scores of administrators from the MCSS, Botswana and D. Twe schools yesterday in Monrovia.
He stated that the project is been undertaking by the MCSS alongside the government but fell short to state the timeline for the construction as well as the cost attached; as 2020/2021 academic programming is in progress.
If the project is completed, this will bring to second the number of public senior high schools on the Bushrod Island for nearly 200 years of the country’s educational system.
But most importantly, the elevation of Botswana to senior secondary school will bring a relief to those leaving the junior secondary school levels and wanting to continue into the senior secondary schools instead of going outside the district they will continued there.
The MCSS was established by government in 1964 under the Act to Amend the Education Law to create the Monrovia Consolidated School System and provides primary & secondary education to the population of Monrovia metropolitan area, Liberia.
MCSS was created by a legislative enactment on December 24, 1964 to ensure proper and effective conduct of schools in Monrovia & its environs in consonance with policies & regulations of the Ministry of Education.
Prior to the creation of the MCSS, schools in Monrovia were individually administered by principals reporting directly to the Ministry of Education and the Memorandum of Understanding & the preliminary step to the establishment of the System was signed on February 28, 1963.

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