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Gov’t Deports UP’s Foreign Data Expert

By Grace Q. Bryant
The Joint Security has confirmed that a Ghanaian national, Essien Samson has been sent back to his home, after a Joint Security investigation established, he entered Liberian borders and engaged in employment without resident and work permits, in violation of Liberia’s Alien and Nationality Law and the Decent Work Act of 2015.
The law requires an alien travelling to Liberia must first obtain Resident and Work permits before engaging in employment activities in the country.
The suspect was arrested in Rivergee County after he was intercepted and interrogated by security officers about the nature of his work and required to produce his resident and work permits.
When he failed to produce the required permits, the government began the removal process and has since made arrangements with the Ghanaian Embassy near Monrovia to help reunite their compatriot with his family in Ghana.
The Joint Security statement notes that in keeping with law and is void of any prejudice, it is believed that Mr. Essien arrived in Liberia to do a contracted work, he should have exhausted the provisions of both labour and Immigration laws.
Earlier, lawyers representing Samson, an Information Communication Technology (ICT) expert brought into the country by the Unity Party to train poll watchers and data entry clerks, who was arrested in River Gee County for alleged election meddling, has prayed the court for the issuance of the writ of Habeas Corpus on the Ministry of Justice and others.
The Writ of Habeas Corpus is a legal action that compels a person to produce another person who is being wrongfully detained.
According to the petition filed in Harper City, Maryland county, petitioner (Essien Samson) said he is a Ghanaian national who has a valid passport to afford his rights to travel freely in any ECOWAS country to serve as consultant E, and would be hired since indeed, and in fact, he is an IT consultant.
Petition furthered that he traveled to Liberia where he was received and he was not arrested by authorities of the LNP.
Petitioner’s six-count petition further explained that being a professional man in IT technology, he later traveled to Maryland County to provide poll watcher training for the Unity Party poll watchers in Maryland County, and the entire Southeastern region.
Petitioner further informed the court that his act to provide professional services in the direction mentioned, supra, is in no violation of any criminal act under the law of Liberia.

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