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Gov’t. Deports Four Nigerian Nationals

The Government through the Ministry of Justice which declared four Nigerian Nationals convicted for Armed Robbery had since been deported to their country of origin.
Liberia’s Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean who described the convicted criminals as undesirable Aliens asserted that said decision was in keeping with section 7.1 of the Alien and Nationality Law of Liberia.
According to charge sheet, the Nigerians were arrested in connection to the willful, unlawful, illegal and intentionally armed robbery at Ecobank Branch in Kakata, Margibi County where they were caught walking away with valuables and cash in the tune of $207,799.
They were charged, tried, and convicted in keeping with section 14.32 and 50.5 of the Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia at the 13th Judicial Circuit Court and sentenced to ten (10) years in prison on December 14, 2010.
The four Nigerians deported were Onuegbu Frank Chidozie, age 40; Francis Ezeji, age 32; Chukwu Ago, age 44 and Kingsly Okoro, age 40 among others
The Minister of Justice says, government’s decision was consistent with section 7.1 (m) of the Alien and Nationality Law of Liberia which states “A violation of the law in some other aspects which by status may subject any alien to deportation”.
Section 7.6 states that “An Alien sentence to imprisonment shall not be deported until such imprisonment has been terminated by the released of the Alien from confinement. Pursuant to this segment of the law; these four Nigerians have been deported from Liberia on grounds of undesirability base on their status.
According to the Ministry of Justice, the convicted Nigerians served their jail sentences but yet considered dangerous as they continued stay in Liberia could pose more harm to our business community and citizens. Adding, “They departed Liberia via Air Cote D’Ivoire at 1500 hrs on Monday of September 27, 2021,” the release said.
The deportation exercise was executed by the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) through its Commissioner Robert Budy in keeping with the Commission’s status.

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