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Gov’t Claims Success Against Corruption

The Weah-led Government claimed to have scored high marks in its fight against corruption by pursuing over US$1 billion reportedly looted from the country and are kept in various banks globally either by present and former officials.
Liberia’s Chief Prosecutor, Sayma Syrenius Cephas, told the media yesterday in Monrovia that the government has widened the gap by going after those loots everywhere in spite of winning over 90 percent of the corruption cases in and outside the country.
He also claimed that they have retrieved over US$400,000 from an accused person but fall short to name the individuals involved and however boast that the state has widened its investigation in going after the loots.
Cephas said despite the gains made in the fight against corruption by the government, they do not care in making and public relations stance by the prosecuting arm of the state.
On the establishment of the war and economic crimes tribunal, the chief prosecutor stated, among many things, that there is a need to form a national character so as to debate issue adding, “People should not use their personal ego to gain political character or scores political point because many of them want relevant for international recognition just for job.”
He disagreed with people who he claims are shying away from debating the matters but wanting to take the country into the gutter noting, “Those who are trying to seek political relevant or glory at the expense of others who perhaps might be unaware of what is really happening both at local and international level.”
For sometimes now, there has been unabated national issues on the setting up of a criminal tribunal to try the country’s war perpetrators and the other corruption issues which seems to be eating up the fabric of Liberia.

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