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Gov’t Asked To Reopen Churches

Three Liberian churches under the Christianity denominations dubbed ‘Apostolic Pentecostal Denominations of Liberia’ is calling on the Weah-led Government to reconsider its decision and allow Liberian churches to be reopened. The head of Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Int’l Inc., Bishop Francis T Birr; the head of the United Pentecostal Church of Liberia, Bishop Dr. Stephen T.Y Benda and the Liberia West African Council Bishop, Dr. Leo M. Simpson said the church is like the light and salt of the dark in a fast decaying world.
Among other things the three prominent men of God packaged in their well-positioned statement is that within controversy, the Glorious and potent Church of Jesus Christ is the one and only hope of the world.
“The bishops are of the inflexible persuasion that, the church of God is extremely relevant and imperatively important for the holistic survival of Liberia and the world and that, above all else, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ unapologetically, to utter the least”.
“The Bishops are convince that, it is unfair for only the church buildings to be effectively shut down, thereby denying the genuine followers of Jesus Christ their constitutional freedom that is, to assemble themselves together at their respective church buildings; to without any hindrance, worship their most powerful and amazing God,” the trio stated.
Now therefore, “We, the Undersigned bishops, have prayerfully resolved under God, to humbly appeal to President George Weah and his government to see reason to please order all churches throughout Liberia reopen, so as to enable Jesus’ followers to go to their respective places of worship and to freely celebrate their awesome God,” the bishops stated in a release issued on Thursday.

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