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Goodluck Jonathan Expresses Confidence In NEC

Nigeria’s former President, Goodluck Jonathan, has expressed confidence in the National Elections Commission’s (NEC) ability to conduct a credible run-off, calling on Liberians, including presidential candidates and their political parties, whether defeated or not, to cultivate the spirit of nationalism of their country to the outside world.

He told reporters while touring various precincts in and around Monrovia, yesterday, that maintaining the peace and stability of the country is more paramount than anything else, stating that though there were few challenges during the first round, the Commission was able to navigate them.

Jonathan, referencing the Tuesday, October 10 first round, which saw a huge turnout from the population in their numbers, said yesterday’s run-off started at a slow pace from the onset, but was optimistic of improved showing up of voters during noon to cast their votes before the 6pm closing time.

He said the exercise was important because this is Liberia’s first time to have financed her own elections without the support of the international community, as well as the presence of international stabilization forces or peacekeepers to provide security, but it is Liberians themselves that were doing everything, which is welcoming to the sub-regional bodies like the Economic of West African States (Ecowas), Mano River Union (MRU), among others.

Jonathan stated that Liberia has demonstrated to the international community that its democratic credential is on course, that it is capable of handling its own internal matters without outside interference, indicating that whosoever has any problem with the process, should use the court system and not take the law into their own hands.

The West African Elders Council’s Head of Observer Mission to Liberia’s polls, both in October and November of this year, believes that democracy is the hallmark or forward march of any country; therefore, the will of the people or voters must be respected at all times from the results.

Tuesday’s run-off was observed by thousands of both local and international observers deployed nationwide, likewise State security forces, making sure that the exercise was credible and went on peacefully without any major incident that could have undermined the process.

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