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Global Bank Officials Investigated For Stealing Govt’s Money

Three officials of Global Bank Liberia Limited including its Manager are reportedly undergoing investigation for allegedly diverting over US$200, 000 from government’s account titled; Internal Control Unit Reconciliation Recovery # 178060010001.Those allegedly under interrogation by the security are Manager Rotimi Sangodeyi; Andrew Otevwemerhuere, Head of Operations and Lucky Okoh, Head of Internal Control.
The said account is said to have been depleted by the accused as even documentary evidence that could help the prosecution are difficult to be traced.
The suspects are all Nigerian nationals who allegedly admitted their involvement in the presence of their lawyers during one session of the investigation.
The accused have hired the services of the Sherman and Sherman Law Firm to plead on their behalf with one of the lead counsels being Cllr. Albert Sims.
Notwithstanding, the accused have allegedly withdrawn the amount of L$148,090 on November 13, 2017; over L$66, 000 on March 23, 2018; L$43,962 on June 4, 2018; and L$26, 625 on June 4, 2018.
Insiders at Global Bank told this paper that the accused started the illegal withdrawals since 2013 from the government’s account until recently when they were caught by the undercover police.
At the moment, the present bank balance of that account is L$1, 441.271.85 while the United States Dollars account has long been depleted allegedly by those accused.
It is not yet known which of the four government ministries with saving accounts at the bank is affected but the ministries having accounts at the bank are Justice, Health, Education and, Finance and Development Planning as government empowers commercial banks in the payment of public servants salaries by opening accounts with them.
Insiders said when the huge sum of monies are deposited into a particular ministry or agency’s account for the payment of salaries for public servants whatsoever that is left hardly returns to the Central Bank of Liberia.
“It is diverted to another account created by the bank management and that has been the case for years now at the global bank. Because some of the ministry or agency has less personnel but ghosts are those that make the listing more,” the insiders noted.
However, when the bank was reached for comment, it could not deny or confirm the report, but Andrew Otevwemerhuere, Head of Operations said he is unaware and claimed also that his boss, Sangodeyi, is still on holidays and is expected back in Liberia perhaps by the 15th of the month.
Stealing or tampering with individual, organization or institutions’ savings by employees of commercial banks in Liberia is another factor that is creating confidence crisis in the sector.
Last week, Guaranty Trust Bank Liberia Limited Manager was arrested and dragged to court by the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill for the alleged disappearance of US$40,000 from his personal account.
However, the Manager was bailed out by his lawyers after securing twice of the amount involved as the matter await court hearing any moment.
Similarly, GTBank was accused by the CBL’s former Deputy Governor for Operations, Charles Sirleaf for allegedly withdrawing US$800,000 and L$ 1 million from his personal accounts last year; a matter that is said to be in court.
The alleged internal stealing by commercial banks’ employees is not only limited to GTBank but happens in all of the 10 commercial banks operated largely by Nigerians and Ghanaians.

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