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Glaring Corruption Looms At Capitol Hill

By Alex Yomah
This paper has been reliably informed that most senators at the Capitol Hill are demanding the Senate-Pro-temp Albert Chie to the allegation indicating the Senate’s decision over Traditional Justice Commission (TJC) was tampered with.
Sources close to the senators indicate that there is internal bickering amongst them which led to numbers of kitchen discussions before sessions on yesterday.
According to report, the reported act of corruption has the penchant to bring the House of Elders to dispute and to even further undermine the integrity of the august body.
Unimpeachable information has it that the senate’s decision over the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) recommendation was not to endorse Tradition Justice Commission (TJC).
According to sources close to the Senators, plenary session’s decision TRC was reportedly changed and are accusing Albert Chie and leadership of the Senate.
“We have informed Senators here. We know what we agreed upon. We are demanding answer from Albert Chie or else, there will be noise before the 26 break that will lie until we return,” our source stated.
“Following our expert witnesses’ hearing, plenary of the Senate that is bigger than leadership endorsed the implementation of the War and Economic Crimes Court. We did not endorse Traditional Justice Commission as being conveyed to the President of Liberia, Dr. George Manneh Weah,” a source confided.
Another source hinted, “We were shocked on that day when our position was read by the Secretary of Senate. “We were vexed but because we never wanted to wash our dirty clothes outside, we’ve been asking leadership behind the scene but to date, no response and we are now moving to pressurize the Senate Pro-temp and others to explain,” the source stated.
According to report, because of alleged pressure, Rules and Orders Chairman, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence insisted that no independent journalist should provide coverage.
According to our source, River Cess County Senator Geevon Smith confirmed sources report under AOB when he raised issue on the Senate’s recent decision to endorse Traditional Justice Commission in plenary.
Unfortunately, before Senator Smith could further lament; to the dismay of everyone, he was summoned to address Senate Pro-temp Seat where secret discussions were exchanged.
“Senator Smith acted like he never raised any issue as he remained mute until session was adjoined,” the source disclosed.

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