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Girl, 10, Tortured To Confess Witchcraft Activities In Nimba …Deliverance Church linked

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.
Two workers of a deliverance church were over the weekend arrested by the Liberia National Police for allegedly torturing a little girl identified as Hanah Leabah , age 10, in Ganta, Nimba County.
Little Leabah’s mother, Comfort Garwoe, explained to the Police that a lady identified as Brenice Tongor and a man only identified as Philip allegedly tied her daughter Hanah Leabah with a wire on a pole for several hours beating her to the point of death to confess that she is a witch so that she can be delivered from the evil spirit.
Mother Comfort Garwoe, pointed accusing fingers at her mother- in-law for taking little Hanah Leabah, to the E.L. –Bethel City of Righteousness Deliverance Church around the LPRC community in Ganta, on ground that the little girl brought witchery in the house to kill her in the dark world.
She further stated that her daughter was allegedly starved for two weeks when she was found lying down under a palm tree apparently dying slowly from hunger before taking her home to report the case to the police.
E L-Bethel City of Righteousness is among deliverance churches in Ganta where people seek spiritual blessing to be delivered from evil spirit headed by senior pastor, Zleh and a Liberia National Police Traffic Officer, Alice Lartoe as MOTHERS respectively.
Speaking to this paper at the police station in Ganta, Police confirmed that little Hanah Leabah’s condition was very serious and needs medical attention before investigating the case.
The alleged torturing of kids to confess witch is getting to the order of the day and a common practice by members of deliverance churches in Ganta, Nimba County.
Early 2020, Police discovered over twenty kids at Fire for Fire Deliverance Church in Ganta after being tortured to confess being a witch where one of the kids allegedly died after being tortured and deprived of food for several weeks.
When contacted, the suspects stated that Jesus Christ was betrayed while doing his Father’s work and all allegations by the mother of little Hanah Leabah is the handwork of the devil to see God’s kingdom fall.
When also contacted, the LNP Women and Children Section, said little Hanah Leabah, needs medical treatment while the suspects were bailed by members of the church to be turned over anytime for investigation.

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