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Germany Grants Liberian Students
From Ukraine Temporary Stay

The German government has created temporary shelters and granted all Liberian students who made it out of Ukraine to Germany at least one-year temporary stay.
Out of the 57 students that the Embassy was able to track, 34 persons have made it to Germany while others are in Poland, Hungary and Romania and some of them have already made their way back to Liberia.
The president of the Liberian Students Association in Ukraine said most of them have made their way to Germany from Poland, Hungary and Romania and that the Liberia Embassy in Germany has been receptive to those who made it to Berlin.
Meanwhile, the Minister Counselor Press and Public Affairs at the Embassy of Liberia Berlin, Germany, Augustine Hamelberg, disclosed that on Monday, the students met with Ambassador Youngor Telewoda at the Embassy where she empathized with them.
She further assured them that the Liberian government is very concerned about their well-being and has engaged European countries diplomatically to grant them temporary stay especially in countries bordering with Ukraine.
However, the Liberian Ambassador to Germany promised to meet with the German foreign office to see if there can be another extra package for the students.
Liberia’s Ambassador to the European Union and the Benelux Countries, Isaac Nyenabo II, has earlier met some students upon arrival in Warsaw, Poland as the Liberian government sought every effort to provide safe passages and refuge for Liberians, including students, fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.
Ambassador Nyenabo held a face-to-face meeting with some of the Ukraine-based Liberian students and explained the efforts being made by authorities in Monrovia to ensure their safety and well-being, as well as possible evacuation.
Foreign Minister Dee Maxwell Kameyah joined the discussion via zoom and assured the students, on behalf of President George M. Weah, of the government’s fullest commitment to ensure that they are safe.
Those who headed to Poland were Geraldine C. Kumakeh, Phlidora Matina Brown, Satu Freeman, Tithelma Eliza Martin, Kamara Louckmane, Martina Martin, Lisa B. Lomax, Gayflor Mulbah, Patricia Kpana Sheriff, Edelweiss Serene Mulbah, Taavi Jackollie, Dubard Jones, Augustine Nyumah, Henry Cooper and Mark Sheriff, amongst other.

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