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Gender Ministry Raises Concern Over Safer Environment For All

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) says it is troubled by the reported waves of domestic violence against women and girls across the country.
The Ministry is taken aback at two trending situations in which an elderly woman was mercilessly beaten and later died at the ELWA Hospital as a result of the violence, while another woman was reportedly set ablaze in Gbarpolu County.
MoGCSP categorically condemns the humiliation and murder of the elderly woman identified as Ma Theresa Bloh Cumeh.
The Ministry said this level of hooliganism which has resulted to the loss of lives, undermines Liberia’s credential in curbing all forms of violence against women, children, the vulnerable and people living with disabilities.
The late Ma Theresa was reportedly beaten by residents of the Chocolate City Community after it was alleged that she was a witch and subsequently rushed to the ELWA Hospital where she later died.
The Ministry is therefore calling on every Liberian across the 15-counties to rekindle the pledge of ensuring a safer environment for women and children.
Liberia remains a signatory to international protocols, which amongst other things, guarantee the rights of all citizens regardless of their sex or gender as well as social status.
While the fight against rape and other forms of violence against women and children remains a daunting challenge, the Ministry of Gender continues to remind the general public that ensuring the safety and rights of women and children cannot be overemphasized.
This level of mob justice and unwarranted discrimination and abuse of innocent women, in no way, reflect the hospitable reality of a Liberia we all envisaged adding that this is unacceptable and all Liberians must vehemently denounce such unwarranted behavior.
According to the Ministry, women are experiencing these harsh realities in a time when the world is certainly celebrating their resilience and rallying action for them to be genuinely empowered stressing, “These national and global efforts, aimed at securing a safer space for women across the world, Liberia is still witnessing repeated and distasteful acts against women.”
The Ministry of Gender, at the same time, expresses sadness over the separate incidents, and extends deepest condolences to the bereaved families for the untimely loss of their relatives.
The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection calls on the Justice Ministry to take seize of the matters by immediately launching in-depth investigations, leaving no stones unturned by ensuring that justice is served in keeping with the laws of Liberia.

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