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Gbi-Doru Residents Cross Over In Nimba -MIA District Inspector Alarms

The Statutory District Inspector working with the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Tappita, David Toe, says there are increasing waves of migration from the Gbi-Doru District into Nimba County towards Rivercess County by residents which is very worrisome and needs immediate intervention. Inspector Toe said many persons are leaving the district daily to be registered as residents of Rivercess County for the pending 2020 Senatorial election in the country and accused those who are leaving the district to have been allegedly influenced by the Chief Council in Gbi-Doru, Harris Gballalah.
He accused Gballalah of living in Rivercess County and serving as the Chief Council in Gbi-Doru thereby creating serious administrative problems in the district.
The MIA Inspector said further that even though the district lacks good roads but, government is doing well in terms of development in education and health delivery services and boasted that Gbi-Doru has a modern junior high school and a health center that is catering to residents in that part of the district.
“Mr. Glanyon B. Debois is among many critics who live outside of the district kicking against development in the district,” Inspector Toe alleged.
During the administration of former Superintendent Edith Gongloe Weh, Gbi-Doru District threatened to form part of Rivercess County on grounds that the county administration is not doing anything to recondition damaged bridges and roads in the district.

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