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Gbarpolu Residents Reaffirm Support To Cummings

Amidst the sorrow, residents of Gbarpolu County have reaffirmed their unflinching support to the Presidential bid of the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties, (CPP), Alexander Cummings, with passionate pleas to fix the disastrous road conditions and build a vocational school.

Cummings visited Gbarpolu County, Tuesday, September 11, and was accorded a rousing and traditional welcome in Sawmill, Gbarma, and Bobolu Cities, by hundreds of jubilant citizens and masked dancers.

In the three districts, Gbarpolu citizens presented white chickens and kola nuts to the CPP Standard Bearer, indicative of purity of hearts and reaffirmation of their continuous support to the CPP, of which the late Gbarpolu County Senator, Daniel Naatehn, served as Vice National Chairman.

Senator Naatehn died on August 8, in India, where he had gone for medical treatment, following a brief illness.

Mr. Cummings paid homage to the late Senator, whom he described as a friend, brother, and colleague, and said he will long be remembered for his sacrificial services and significant contributions to the ANC/CPP, and Liberia, including Gbarpolu.

At a separate indoor program organized by citizens in Gbarma and Bobolu, attended by hundreds of residents, including Chiefs, elders, youths, and women groups, the Motorcyclist Association and inter-religious groups, the citizens reaffirmed their support and vowed to vote Mr. Cummings as the next President of Liberia.

The CPP Standard Bearer expressed gratitude to the indigenes of Gbarpolu, for the warm receptions and massive turnouts in the towns visited, with assurance that upon his ascendancy as President, he will alleviate the sufferings and extreme poverty in Liberia.

Cummings vowed to fix the deplorable road condition, improve the health and educational systems, and establish a micro-loan scheme for Liberian entrepreneurs, including market women, to sustain and grow their businesses.

He said the CPP Government will revive the ailing economy, transform the life of Liberians, and create massive job opportunities for the thousands of unemployed Liberians.

Cummings appealed to Gbarpolu County residents to retrospect on the good work of their late Senator Naatehn, and remain committed and steadfast in their support to the Presidential bid of the CPP.

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